V-Station, K-Station and A-Station

 * TheV-Station set is currently delivered manually via email attachments until an automated system is set up. The waiting time for delivery ranges from less than one minute to 12 hours maximum (usually MUCH sooner!).

EDM Underworld 2.0.................FREE with any purchase.

EDM Underworld 2.0 contains 150 hard-hitting dance style patches for Novation V-Station, A-Station and K-Station, covering Trance, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Psytrance and Industrial/EBM.  Hellraising leads, aggressive basses, eerie pads, biting chord hits/stabs, chaotic sound effects...it's all here and much more  The soundset ships in both FXB and MID formats.  To receive this bonus set, simply reply to your product delivery email and let me know which bonus set you want.

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