SubBoomBass and S.B.B. RE 


'XS Collection ver. 2.0'.......................$12.95

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Reason RE format also included!

The 'XS Collection', a bank of 145 presets for Rob Papen SubBoomBass, is a solid multi-genre workhorse.  The 105 basses and subs have a timeless quality that transcends short-lived fads, and they will find their uses in your tracks even many years from now. Also included is a useful assortment of 40 different leads and synth sounds. Wether you produce chillwave, house, hip hop, R&B, future garage, deep dubstep, chillwave, or breakbeat, this collection will find its place in the mix.  The soundset ships in both FXB and Reason Rack Extension formats.

MP3 Demo 1             MP3 Demo 2               MP3 Demo 3               MP3 Demo 4               MP3 Demo 5

If you purchased any of the following items below in the past from any vendor, you are entitled to the full updated 2.0 collection for free:

- SubBoomBass - Legacy Bundle
- SubBoomBass - Signature Hip Hop
- SubBoomBass - Meltdown
- SubBoomBass - Underground Revival
- SubBoomBass - Dub N Breaks

If you can provide proof of past purchase, please contact us, and a copy of the new 'XS Collection' will be provided to you at zero cost.