Rob Papen Predator

Platinum Pop..................................$8.95

"Platinum Pop" contains 80 meticulously designed patches aimed at commercial Electro, Hip Hop, Breakbeat and House producers looking to make their next big hit.

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Hydrospheric Trance........Free with any purchase!

Our first soundbank for Predator targeting upbeat, melodic Dance and Trance music.  The 40 sounds in this set would best be described as smooth and liquid, moving away from the harsher and more agressive character that frequents many of our other Predator soundsets.  To receive this bank, simply reply to your product purchase email stating which bonus bank you want and I will send it to you.

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Rob Papen Xenos Soundset (Sold at

This is a bank I designed for Rob Papen and it is available for purchase here.  Other than the audio demo, there isn't much of a description on the page, so I may as well describe it here.  It contains 128 sounds with some serious attitude -- harsh and abrasive leads, moody and atmosheric pads, heavy basses, otherwordly chord stabs and wicked sound effects. 

Vintage Sounds.................Free With Any Purchase!

A bank of 32 sounds inspired by classic hit songs from the 1970′s and 80′s. This bank is free with the purchase of any soundset for any synth. Simply send a reply to your product delivery email and I will send it to you.

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