Audio Damage Phosphor


'Lo-Phi' contains 100 additional presets for Audio Damage's Phosphor synthesizer. This patch library further explores Phosphor's capabilities and fits well into a variety of genres, from digital 80s sounds to lo-fi Hip Hop and deep Dubtronica. Most of these patches are designed to show off a more pleasing and sweeter side of Phosphor than the factory-included library, yet remain true to the original Alpha Syntauri hardware's characteristics. Each patch has velocity and modwheel assignments added for a more dynamic and expressive sound.  As bonus content, we've also included a small pack of 6 minimalist drum samples.  Please note that Phosphor version 3.0 and up is required to use the presets.

MP3 Demo 1 (by Bryan Lee)                MP3 Demo 2 (by Torley)


What's Inside?

20 Basses

17 Keys

16 Pads

14 Leads

10 Plucks

 9 FX

 7 Bells/Mallets

 3 Drums

 2 Synth Brass

 1 Chord Hit

Bonus Content: 6 Drum Samples in WAV format