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Mr. Alias Pro is one of my personal favorite lesser-known niche synths - glitchy, lofi, dirty and capable of some pretty unique, downright nasty sonic textures..  Mr. Alias Pro is available for "Pay What You Like" here.

Chaos Theory..............."Pay-What-You-Like" Donationware

Chaos Theory contains 128 new sounds for Mr. Alias Pro, with plenty of glitchy and dirty lo-fi leads, basses, pads, sound effects, bells and more, for a variety of musical genres ranging from Dubstep to Chiptunes to IDM and Glitch.  If you dontate $4.00 or more, you also recieve your choice of 1 extra bonus bank from the list at the very bottom of this page.  To recieve your bonus bank, simply reply to your product delivery email and let me know which one you would like me to send you..

Listen to MP3 Demo 2             Listen to MP3 Demo                       

Upon notification of payment, I will send the soundset via email attachment.

Patch List

BA 8 Bit Fat Bass
BA 8 Bit Triangle Bass
BA Classic VGM
BA Cyanide Reese
BA Dance Bass 1
BA Dance Bass 2
BA Dance Bass 3
BA Dance Bass 4
BA Dark Psy
BA Digi Bass
BA Dubstep Wobble 1
BA Dubstep Wobble 2
BA Dubstep Wobble 3
BA Dubstep Wobble 4
BA Lo-Fi 808 Sample
BA Minimal House
BA Old School DnB
BA Shroomer's Bass
BA Slippery Wobble
BA Slurpy Square
BA Terrorist
BA Whump!
DR 8 Bit Claps
DR 8 Bit Hi Hat
DR 8 Bit Kick 1
DR 8 Bit Kick 2
DR 8 Bit Snare 1
DR 8 Bit Snare 2
DR Grungy Electro Toms
FX Breaking Free
FX Broken Toy
FX Caustic
FX Chirping Crickets
FX Coins
FX Critters
FX Data Takes A Piss
FX Databent Hits
FX Dirty Noise Hits
FX Downward Motion
FX Fart Sounds
FX Geiger Hits
FX Intro Alarm
FX Mechanical Rumbling
FX Metal Vapor
FX Minimal Tech Groove
FX Moving Up
FX Nanobots
FX Neptunium Gong
FX Oddworld Forests
FX Primal Groove
FX Radon
FX Robot Diarrhea
FX Schranz Wierdness
FX Thwomp 2.0
FX Wind Down
KB Broken E. Piano
KB Cheap Casio
KB IDM Piano
LD Bent Hoover
LD Biting Psytrance
LD Broken Square
LD Burnt Plastic
LD Busted Lows
LD Cheap Shot
LD Chip Plucks
LD Geriatric FM
LD Hardstyle
LD Loony Lead
LD Martian Rapper
LD Pulse Lead
LD Raspy Filters
LD Satan's Atari 2600
LD Screamer
LD Shitty Soundchip
LD SID Arps 1
LD SID Arps 2
LD Tremors
LD Wacky PWM
LD Zits
PD Alien Fellatio
PD Apocalypse
PD Black Hole
PD Demonic String Machine
PD Event Horizon
PD Industrial PWM Pad
PD Lo-Fi Warm Pad
PD Metalic Taste
PD Mr Piz Pad
PD Shattered
PD Tremolo Pad
SY Bouncing Ball
SY Databent Bells
SY Dubby Fifth Hits
SY Evil Bells
SY Minimalist Bells
TG Garbled Transmission
TG Trancegate 1
TG Trancegate 2
BA Brostep
BA Fractured
BA Quantum Fuzz
BA Vocaloid Djeridoo
FX Cyberpunk Horror
FX Downward Spiral
FX Geometric Jungle
FX Hypersphere
FX LFO2 As Sequencer
FX Whimsical Botz
LD Beautifully Distressed
LD Chip Funk
LD Pain Sync
LD Quirky Qharacter
LD Trap Lead 1
LD Trap Lead 2
PD Abstract Saws
PD Bad Vibe
PD Hypnos
PD Positive Energy Waves
PD Pseudochorus
PD Simple Red
PD String Theory
PD Trip Journal Entery
PD Wavefunction Collapse
SY Om Bells
SY Quantum Sprites

BONUS BANKS (Free with donation of $4.00 or higher)

- Vanguard - Quantum Consiousness (140 sounds)
- Sylenth - Eclectic Dance (50 sounds)
- Firebird - Pyromania (128 sounds)
- Predator - Hydrospheric Trance (40 sounds)
- Cobalt - Hip Hop Collection (101 sounds)
- Predator - Vintage Sounds (32 sounds)
- VAZ Plus - Oscillator Orange (50 sounds)