Cherry Audio Mercury-6

80s Memories

'80s Memories' is a collection of 110 presets for Cherry Audio Mercury-6.  The "Dual" mode was used generously to provide fat and interesting layered tones. To compliment these, we've also included several single-layer patches for an authentic JP6 experience. '80s Memories' provides a handy arsenal for a variety of Retrowave subgenres (Synthwave, Cyberpunk, Darksynth, Chillwave, etc), running the full range of moods from bliss and happiness to anxiety and horror. To sweeten the deal even more, we've also added 16 original drum WAVs to use in any drum machine or sampler. These samples were created from scratch within Mercury-6, then further enhanced with external processing.

Listen To MP3 Demo (by Russell Nash)


What's Inside

  • 21 Keys and Polysynths
  • 20 Basses
  • 17 Leads
  • 16 Pads
  •  9 Bells and Mallets
  •  9 Plucks
  •  7 FX and Risers
  •  5 Arps
  •  4 Brass Synths
  •  2 Keyboard-Split Patches
  •  1 Synth Tom
  • + 16 Drums/FX samples in WAV format