Cherry Audio Mercury-4

Essential 80s................................$8.95

'Essential 80s' contains 80 presets for Cherry Audio's Mercury4 synthesizer, which show off the JP4 hardware's distinct personality. Among other tricks hiding under the hood, turning up the Amp input produces a warm saturation for leads and other synth sounds, and proper use of high resonance settings produces delicious bell-like overtones. This sound library is useful across a wide variety of genres, from 80s Pop-Rock cover songs, to Retrowave/Chillwave tracks, or even adding a vintage touch to a Trap beat. Take a journey back to the past and pick up your copy of "Essential 80s" today!

MP3 Demo (by Patrick M/Abstract67)


What's Inside?

19 Keys
18 Basses
12 Leads
11 Pads
 7 Plucks
 5 Bells
 5 FX
 2 Brass
 2 Chord Hits