Uber Brutal Dubstep


This is a collection of 64 heavy dubstep patches for Massive.  'Uber Brutal Dubstep' lives up to it's name, offering psychotic and rage-infused growls, drops, bass loops, subs and wobblers.  Rounding out the collection is an assortment of dubstep-friendly leads, plucks, pads and other synth sounds. Inspiration was drawn from such artists as Trollphace, Virtual Riot, Zomboy, Skrillex, Flux Pavillion and others. Each preset is velocity sensitive for dynamic playing, and all 8 Macros are assigned to each patch for maximized variation and expression.

The soundset ships in both KSD and NMSV formats.

LISTEN TO MP3 DEMO (by Julian Earle and DJ Bey) 

This is BY FAR the best Massive dubstep presets Xenos Soundworks ever produced to date, and I back up that claim by offering this set free to anyone who purchased either of the following discontinued collections:




All-In-One Massive Dubstep Bundle

This offer is good no matter which online shop you purchased it at.  If you do not receive an update email when the set is released, simply show proof of past purchase and 'Uber Brutal Dubstep' will be sent to you at no cost. We're pulling out all the stops to send a clear message: We are serious about customer satisfaction and having a reputation for quality sounds.

Genres: Brostep, Dubstep, Drumstep, Glitch Hop, Moombahcore, Pop

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Patch List

BA Argon Ice
BA Biko's Rage
BA Call To Action
BA Chillstep Swells
BA Cyborg Monk
BA Dirty Word
BA Divebomb Growl
BA Frog In A Blender
BA Gonzo
BA Kick Sub
BA Kill! Kill!
BA Max 5000
BA Max Arm Crush
BA Max Beam
BA Messed Up
BA Methane Ice
BA Murder! Murder!
BA Padded Room
BA Pitbull
BA Psycho Screecher
BA Robo Squash
BA Robostep
BA Robot Wars
BA Rock On
BA Roger! Roger! Droid
BA Roses Are Red...
BA Roundhouse Kick
BA Skinny Dubz
BA Smooth Rider
BA Squeaker
BA Stinger
BA Subliminal Porn
BA Swiss Army Sub
BA Venomous Growl
BA Violets Are Blue
BA Whimsical A.I.
BA Wibble Wabble
BA Yellow Jacket
FX Through The Portal
HT Bent Mids
HT Brostep Lazers
HT Moomahton Lazers
HT Noisey Comb Hits
HT Trapstyle
KB Iced Tonewheels
LD Akagiyama Missle!
LD Buzzy Lead
LD Leslie Lead
LD Max Bomber Saw
LD Neo Classic
LD Past and Present
LD Saw Lead
LD Up Bent Lead
LD Urban Sizzler
PD Bright Pad
PD Lagoon Nebula
PL Coded In Basic
PL Cubism
PL Ethno School
PL Future Retro Beats
PL Neo Retro
PL Nostalgia
PL Quark Bells
VO Massive Can Swear