NI Massive 8-Bit/Chiptune Soundsets

'Videogame Mania' 


Videogame Mania is a boutique-quality collection of 64 authentic retro chiptune style Massive presets, created by one of Native Instruments' own sound designers. This soundset contains classic SID style arps, authentic videogame sound effects, gritty 8-bit basses and quirky leads which fans of such systems as the NES, Commodore64 and others will instantly recognize. Also included are entirely original creations that strive to preserve the character of those old school, low-fi computer sound chips.

There is more to an authentic quality 8-bit sound than a simple square wave on any given synth. Massive's functionality allows for the ultra-precise tuning of the finer sonic elements that allow a trained ear to differentiate between the same patch on a common VST synth, versus a Commodore64 or NES. All 8 Macro Controls have been assigned in each patch for maximum versatility and expression. As the original version of this set was created years prior, this new and improved version also added additional patches. Please note that this soundset is in NMSV format only.

Everyone who purchased 'Videogame Mania' prior to 9-29-14 is entitled to the new update for free upon showing proof of purchase. Simply email me with your transaction ID and I will send it over to you.

The changes to the original version are as follows:

-- 14 new patches, bringing the total to 64 (was originally only 50).
-- Filled in the Macros so each patch uses all 8.
-- Improvements on some existing patches.

MP3 Demo 1

MP3 Demo 2 (Commodore64 style demo by Torben Hansen)

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'Computer Science' 


'Computer Science' continues where the popular 'Videogame Mania' left off, with 66 chiptune patches inspired by classic sounds from such game systems as the Commodore 64, Amiga, Spectrum ZX and Nintendo Entertainment System. All 8 Macro Controls have been intelligently assigned to each Patch. Please note: The soundset is in NMSV format only.

Main Demo       "Dubby" Demo  (by Bryan Lee)    Read Patch List