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Late Night Deep House Chords Vol. 2......$19.95

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Torben Hansen brings you the second installment of the Late Night Deep House Chords Series. Volume 2 contains a completely new set of 18 main sound-sources created from scratch using a variety of software and hardware synthesizers, including the famed Access Virus TI, the wavetable-gritty Waldorf MicroQ, the smooth u-he DIVA, the fat u-he ACE and the dirty frequency-manipulator FXpansion Cypher (DCAM). The majority of the sounds use extensive layering in order to create new interesting timbres suitable for the genre. You'll find smooth deep chords for your deep house flavours but also plenty of stabby chords to go with more progressive tracks. The chord-material is also very suitable for the soul inspired funky house genres.

For each main sound there's a total of 11 different chords, typical for the deep house and house genres including minor-7th with added 9th, 11th or 13th, major-7th with added 9th, 11th or 13th, invertions and a couple of extra special treats. A total of 374 mb of samples. All samples are wav-files at 32bit, 44.100 khz.

Each sound is setup for use with Native Instruments Kontakt (full version 4+ required!) - a total of 234 Kontakt Instruments, all categorized into Program-folders and also including a collection of Banks for easy program-changing between the chords within a main sound. All Kontakt Instruments are configured to make use of the modwheel to modulate the cutoff-frequency of the smooth Pro-53 filter.

As an added bonus, there's a folder with 10 example multi-instruments set up for the minor-7add11 chord. Each Multi-instrument consists of 2-3 instruments layered together for even more deep flavour.