Cherry Audio DCO-106

Analog Hip Hop............................$8.95

Our 3rd (and my personal favorite) preset bank for DCO-106. Analog Hip Hop, contains 75+ presets ranging from funky retro leads and quirky Trap style arps, to lush keys and punchy synths.  This sound library is a handy toolkit for quickly adding an oldschool flavor to your beats, whether you produce modern West Coast Trap, 90's Boom Bap, or R'n'B.  Also try pairing this soundset with our "Dusty Nostalgia" RC-20 expansion for that sweet Lo-Fi Hip Hop sound.

Also included as bonus content are 4 808 bass samples in WAV format.

Listen to MP3 Demo (By Patrick M/Abstract67. 0:00-1:57 is full-song demo. 1:58 and onward is naked presets demo) 


What's Inside?

  • 12 Keys/Polysynths
  • 11 Basses
  • 11 Leads
  • 10 Pads
  •  9 Plucks
  •  9 Bells/Mallets
  •  6 Arps
  •  6 FX/Risers
  •  1 Synth Brass
  • + 4 808 bass samples in WAV format


'Glowstix' is comprised of 75 Techno and House style sounds with the timeless character of the Juno hardware.  This preset library makes extensive use of the "chord memory" function.  This feature not only produces those classic house chord stabs, but also fattens up basses, leads and other synths to provide more interesting tones.

MP3 Demo 1 (by Bryan Lee)         MP3 Demo 2 (by Torley)

What's Inside?

  • 18 Basses
  • 13 Chord Stabs
  • 13 Leads
  •  9 Keys/Polysynths
  •  8 Pads
  •  8 Plucks
  •  3 Arps
  •  2 FX
  •  1 Bell Synth

Retro Synths............................$8.95

'Retro Synths' contains 66 brand new presets for Cherry Audio's DCO-106 synthesizer.  If you produce 80s cover songs, Synthwave, Chillwave, or are looking to add a bit of that oldschool feel into something more modern, we've got you covered.  The original Juno hardware had a distinct charm, and this sound library was created to showcase those strengths.  These patches are made to be timeless - hip and cool back in their time, yet still useful 30 years from now. 

Listen to MP3 Demo (by Torley)           


What's Inside

  • 3  Arps
  • 10 Basses
  • 3  Bells/Mallets
  • 3  Chords
  • 3  Brass/Horn
  • 3  Chord Hits
  • 3  FX
  • 12 Keys/Polysynth
  • 12 Leads
  • 9  Pads
  • 8  Plucks