Hip Hop Collection........FREE with any purchase.

Hip Hop Collection contains 101 fresh and premium quality sounds for the Cobalt synthesizer geared toward Hip Hop production -- plenty of funky basses, smooth leads, exotic synth keys and sublime pads in here, topped off with a selection of various sound effects to spice up your beats.

Patch List

BA Analog Warmth
BA Chorusy
BA Compressed
BA Crunk Bass 1
BA Crunk Bass 2
BA Digital 1
BA Digital 2
BA Distorted 1
BA Distorted 2
BA Distorted 3
BA Distorted 4
BA Glide Bass
BA Hip Hop Wobble 1
BA Hip Hop Wobble 2
BA Humpty Dumpty
BA Hybrid
BA Mean Bass
BA Natural Born
BA Open Wide
BA Punchy
BA Rebound
BA Sharp
BA Slow Pumping
BA Smooth Sub
BA Spiked
BA Standard Bass 1
BA Standard Bass 2
BA Wobble Sub
BA Wow Bass 1
BA Wow Bass 2
FX Breakdown
FX Drop Down
FX Sweeper 1
FX Sweeper 2
FX Sweeper 3
FX Trashed CPU
FX Uptempo Zaps 1
FX Uptempo Zaps 2
GT Gated Pad 1
GT Gated Pad 2
KB Church Organ
KB Cobalt Organ
KB Mellow E. Piano
KB Soulful E. Piano
KB Synth Keys 1
KB Synth Keys 2
KB Synth Keys 3
KB Synth Keys 4
KB Synth Keys 5
LD 8 Bit G
LD Angry Polysynth
LD Be Real
LD Bell Tones
LD Contact Buzz
LD Cream
LD Crybaby
LD Detuned
LD Digital 1
LD Digital 2
LD Dirty Rez
LD Flutey
LD Funky
LD Gangsta Whistle
LD Hard Whine
LD Kaotik
LD Killaz
LD Not Normal
LD Osc Sync
LD Ozone
LD Pain
LD Peaches
LD Phat Boi
LD Psycho
LD Pulsewave
LD Reedy
LD Slo 5ths
LD Slo Moves
LD Squeaky Lead
LD Sugar
LD Syn Violins
LD Synth Trumpet
LD Throaty
LD Uptempo Glide
LD Wah Wah
LD Wormwood
PD Glassy
PD Somber
PD Uptempo Pad 1
PD Uptempo Pad 2
PD Wah Pad
SY Arp Food 1
SY Arp Food 2
SY Bellsynth
SY Chimes
SY Crazy Keys
SY Log Xylophone
SY Synth Brass
SY Synth Hits Maj
SY Synth Hits Min
SY Vibraphone