Plogue ChipSynthSFC

Signature SNES Synths......................$9.95

'Signature SNES Synths' contains 100+ original presets for Plogue ChipSynthSFC, imbued with the distinct lo-fi and grainy character of a popular videogame system from the early '90s. Also included are 87 custom WAV samples created for use within ChipSynthSFC, making this not just a preset pack, but a complete ChipSynthSFC expansion.  This sound library is a handy toolkit for Chiptune, Trap, Future Bass and House producers looking to add a nostalgic 16-Bit flavor into their tracks.

Demo 1 (by Torley)            Demo 2 (by Torley)


Patch List

AT Fearwave
AT Scary Movie
BA Angry Digital
BA Electro Jazz
BA Filter FM
BA FM Bass 1
BA FM Bass 2
BA FM Slap Bass
BA Notch Bass
BA Phat Boi
BA Play Low Drones
BA Pluck Bass
BA Pluck Bass 2
BA Retro DnB
BA Sub Bass
BA Tech Crush
BA Warm Sub
BA Wobby Sub
BL African Logs
BL African Xylo
BL Evil Chimes
BL Frozen Mallets
BL Roll Bell
BL Simple Bells
CH Happy Powerup
CH Item Acquired
CH Old Ivory
BR Low Brass
BR SNES Analog Brass
DR Big Beat Kick N Snr
DR Chip Toms
DR Dark Tech BD and CL
DR Dark Tribal Drum
DR Doom Drum
DR Elec Kick and Snare
DR Hip Hop Kick n Clix
DR Oldschool Dub
FX Creepy Crawlies
FX Creepy Groans
FX Echo Noiz
FX Falling Hits
FX Kolorful Riser
FX Thunder
KB Blissful
KB Brite Piano
KB Cascade
KB Church Organ 1
KB Church Organ 2
KB Dreamy Echos
KB House Organ
KB Ratty Piano
KB Soft E Piano
KB Spring Verb
LD Arabian Fiddle
LD Ben Dover
LD Bit Of Slop
LD Cheap Sampler
LD Dirty Lead
LD Eastern Reeds
LD FM Cat Choir
LD Heavenly Lo-Fi
LD Razor's Edge
LD Retro Lead
LD Rezzy Funk
LD Ring Mod Lead
LD Soft Trap Lead
LD Voxy Glider
PD Apocalyptic Voices
PD Fat FM Pad
PD Glorious
PD Granules
PD Lo Fi Digital
PD Marshmello Candy
PD Phantoms
PD Retro String Pad
PD Sci-Fi Voice
PD Soft Pad
PD Synth Strings 1
PD Synth Strings 2
PD Wonder
PL Asian Zither
PL Country Guitar
PL Dirtcloud Pizzi
PL Drip Drip
PL Electro Congas
PL Guitar
PL Jazz Guitar
PL Little Punch
PL Metal Guitar
PL Neo Retro Plucks
PL Pizz Synth
PL Plink
PL PM Lute
PL Retro Arp Food
PL Sitar-Like
PL Thin Wire
SY Liquid Glitchwave
VO Robot Countdown Message
VO Countdown "5" to "1"