ChipSynth MD

Megadrive Chip Synths

'Megadrive Chip Synths' contains 110 presets for Plogue ChipSynthMD. I owned the game system as a child and this synth brought back so many memories! These patches faithfully retain the Megadrive's distinct character, yet are all original and legal to use. As a bonus, we've also included a pack of 17 FM drums and FX samples in WAV format, which were created using ChipSynthMD. 

While the Megadrive/Genesis had the ability to use samples, synthesizing drums within the soundchip itself played a major role in Megadrive chipmusic. For more drums like these, we have a free sample pack called "FM Drums", which can be downloaded from the "Free Soundbanks" page on the Xenos Soundworks website.

Listen to MP3 Demo


What's Inside?

  • 22 Leads (several of them polyphonic)
  • 19 Keys and Poly Synths
  • 16 Basses
  • 14 Bells and Mallets
  •  9 Pads
  • 10 Plucks
  •  8 FX
  •  5 Guitars
  •  4 Synth Brass
  •  2 Chord Hits
  •  2 Drum Kits
  • + 17 FM drums and FX samples