Plogue Chipsounds

8-Bit Synths..........................$9.95

'8-Bit Synths' contains over 130 original, premium quality presets for Plogue Chipsounds. While these patches have that authentic character of retro videogame consoles and soundchips, '8-Bit Synths' also provides a quirky, lo-fi and digital edge to modern music genres like House, Trap, RnB, Synthwave/80s and more.  As a special bonus, all the FL Studio files used in the MP3 demo are included with the soundset, which you're free to use any way you like.

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Patch List


AR Atariwave
AR Bassline
AR Coleco Arp
AR Digital Wave
AR Duo Min7th
AR Stereo Arp


BA 2 Osc NES
BA Bit Square
BA Computer Bass
BA Deep Wobble
BA Detuned Triangles
BA Dubtronica
BA Fat NES Bass
BA Filtered Square
BA Formant Pulse
BA Gameboy Sub
BA Hard Wobble
BA M5232 Bass 1
BA M5232 Bass 2
BA Multi-Chip Fatty
BA Quirky Square
BA Raunchy 808 Sub
BA Soft Bass
BA Thick SID Bass
BA ZX Bass 1
BA ZX Bass 2

Bells, Brass and Keys:

BL DMG Bells
BL Sweet Bells
BL VIC-1 Bells
BR Synth Brass 1
BR Synth Brass 2
KB 8-Bit E Piano
KB Chorusy E Piano
KB Dirty E Piano
KB Organ 1              
KB Organ 2
KB Organ 3
KB Processed VL-1


CH Arp Stabs 1
CH Arp Stabs 2
CH Quard Chord
CH Slow Chords

BD ColecoVision Kick
BD N Square
BD SID Kick 1
BD SID Kick 2
BD Speccy Kick 1
BD Speccy Kick 2
BD Speccy Kick 3
CL Stereo NES Claps
CL ZX Claps
CY Dark Crash
CY Ride Cymbol
HH High Hats
HH Spectrum ZX
HH VL1 Hat Loop
SN ColecoVision Snare
SN N Noise Snare
SN SID Snare 1
SN SID Snare 2
SN Speccy Snare 1
SN Speccy Snare 2
SN Speccy Snare 3
SN Speccy Snare 4
TM NintenTOM

FX and Hits:

FX 800 Riser
FX Arpy Riser
FX Big Powerup
FX Chaosquare
FX Coleco Drop
FX Dub Runner
FX Explosive Release
FX Falling Squares
FX Gated Noise
FX Homebrew Noise
FX Mecha Swell
FX Pokey FX Loop
FX Spectre ZX
FX VIC 20 Riser
HT Arcadia 2001 Lazer 
HT Coleco Jump Button
HT Coleco Lazers
HT Freaky Stabs
HT Speccy Noise Hits
HT Stereo POKEY Hit
HT UVI Explosions
HT ZX Enemy Killed


LD 800 Lead 1
LD 800 Lead 2
LD 8 Bit Flute
LD 8 Bit Oboe
LD 8 Bit Violin
LD Coleco Lead
LD Dirty Speccy
LD Fat Colecoid
LD Geometric Moog
LD Makin' It Wail
LD Mono E Piano
LD Neo Coleco
LD Pixelated Sync
LD Plucky Digi
LD Reedy Lead
LD Saw Lead
LD Sloppy Sync
LD Sweet Duo SID
LD Thick NES
LD Tweety Flutter
LD ZX High Lead


PD 800 Pad 1
PD 800 Pad 2
PD 800 Pad 3
PD Angelic Voices
PD Dual SID PWM               
PD Phat Swell
PD Sapphire Eyes
PD Shimmer
PD Super VL Pad


PL 8 Bit Harp
PL 300 Below Zero
PL Chunky WT
PL Classic NES
PL Flutternutter
PL Impulse
PL Layered NES
PL Narrow Pulse 1
PL Narrow Pulse 2
PL Trempulse
PL ZX Strobey Plucks
PL ZX Sync Plucks