U-He Bazille

Mindhacker's Notebook.................$12.95

'Mindhacker's Notebook' is a collection of 75 patches for U-He Bazille, with an emphasis on disturbing soundscapes and futuristic textures. Producers of horror and sci-fi soundtracks, dark ambient, deep dubtronica and downtempo "psy" subgenres will find these pads, atmospheres, special effects and synths to be a valuable addition to their sonic arsenal.

If these kinds of sounds appeal to you, also have a look at the "Fear and Horror Volume 2," "Apocalyptic Visions", and "Extraterrestrial Origins" collections for NI Massive.

Listen to 'Mindhacker's Notebook' MP3 Demo   (created by Jeroen Bax)

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Patch List

Alien Superintelligence

Acrtic Paradise

Astro Dub

Big Boned Digilog

Blinding Light

Brain Scorcher

Brainwasher Machine

Bright Digital

Broken Warp Drive


Cream Of Mushroom Soup

Creepy Cawlies

Cruelty To Birds

Dancing Robots

Dark Techno FX Loop


Deep Dubstep 1

Deep Dubstep 2

Deep Noisy Hits

Demonic Zither

Dot Dot Dot...

Dream Pixels

Drone - Deep and Fearful

Drone - Granular FM

Drone - Zeta Ophiucci

ET Likes Beer

Forbidden Human Experiment

Fried A.I.

Frosty Plucksynth

Frozen Wastes

Futurist Terrorscape

Futurist Utopia

Ghettoblast Kick Sub

Ghostly Glider

Glitched Up

Goth Gangsta Beats

HR Giger Hellscape

HR Giger Nightmare

Hard Solo Strings

Hell Planet

Horror Movie Sweep Hit

Meditative Mallets

Memoirs In A Padded Cell

Moonlight Dream

Mornful Raga

NeoRetro Beatz

Not A Normal Brownie

Otherworld Mystery

Parallel Reality

Psy Machine

Psychill Groove


Quantum Lead


Refined FM

Retro Mashup

Retro Sci Fi

Rusted Chimes

Sci Fi Blues

Secret Lab




Sub Level X

Sub Level Y

Sub Level Z

Surrealist Landscape

Tense Feel


Transhuman Abomination

Tribal Essense

Twisted Memory

VGM Loop

Vision Quest

Wobble Bass