U-he A.C.E.

Eclectic Electronica...................SALE! $4.95

'Eclectic Electronia' contains 100 premium presets for U-he ACE, which are highly useful across a broad range of musical genres. The patches are organized into the following subfolders:

'Neo-Retro Electronica...42 Leads, Basses, Pads and Synths

'Signatures v1.5.........35 Leads, Basses, Pads and Synths

'Deep Dubtronica'........13 Basses

'Horror and Sci Fi'.......10 Pads and Soundscapes

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* If you purchased the 'Signatures' set in the past, please contact me with proof of purchase to receive 'Eclectic Electronica' FREE.

Patch List

Neo-Retro Electronica

BA 2087

BA Buzzy Edge

BA Classic Funk

BA Deep Square

BA Digiwave

BA Modular FM

BA Pleasingly Plump

BA Soft Digital Wave

BA Wide Hybrid Bass

BA Wisdom of Age

BA Zap Bass

BR Soft Brass

BR Soulful Horns

CH Classic Deep House

CH Dark Swells

DR Cyber Congas

FX Sweeping Lazers

KB Modular Rhodes

LD Ace of Hearts

LD All Vox No Cables

LD Bit Crushed

LD Blissful Nostalgia

LD Delicate Touch

LD Fat Rock Solo

LD Firestorm

LD Gangsta Funk

LD Nu Retro Supersaw

LD OG Style

LD Purple Velvet

LD Slo Mo Vox

LD Squidward

LD Use Aftertouch

PD Dirty Crystals

PD Emotion Pad

PD Groove One

PD Pretty Pad

PD Sparkling Gems

PL Analog Harp

PL Blue Rose

PL Double Plucked

PL Ephem

PL Snappy Plucks

PL Summer Sunrise

Signatures v1.5

BA Ace Of Bace

BA Bit Of Shine

BA Darkside Reese

BA Dubstep Bass

BA Funky Attack

BA Little Phatty

BA Orange Bass

BA Parellel Lines

BA Plastic

BA Rawrgh!

BA Swell Square

BA Timeless Hip Hop

BL Sweet Bells

FX Chaos Lasers

LD Beautiful Pulse

LD Circuit Bent Modular

LD Classic Hip Hop

LD Classic Rave Stabs

LD Corrosive Sync

LD Dancey

LD Dusty Oscillator

LD FM Lead

LD Hard Buzzer

LD PolyChips

LD Psytrance

LD SID Chip 5ths

LD Sylophone On Steroids

LD Techwave

PD Apocalypse

PD Custard Pad

PD Ghostly Mists

PD String Machine

PL Antarctican Ruins

PL DX Polysynth

TG ACE Does Trancegates! 

Deep Dubtronica

BA Bent Hits

BA Dark Dub Bass 1

BA Dark Dub Bass 2

SUB 8-Bit Inspiration

SUB Bell Tone

SUB Dark Dub Sub

SUB Detuned Sub

SUB Natural Sub

SUB Subs and Bee Swarms

WB Brostep Wobble

WB Hornet Nest

WB Wob Wobs 1

WB Wob Wobs 2

Horror and Sci-Fi

AT Information Theory

AT Pluto's Heart

AT Singing Tunnels

AT Surrealist Automation

AT Third Eye Lobotomy

FX Quantum Dust Storm

PD Abandoned Asylum

PD Forboding Atmosphere

PD Galaxy Class Starship

PD Psy Fy Channel

PD Pulsar Cluster