Madrona Labs Aalto

Note:  These sets use the full version of Aalto, but I was told that the patches from these sets WILL also work in AaltoCM :).

Alien Technology..........................$9.95

The Alien Technology soundset contains 132 presets, comprised mostly of exotic machines, atmospheres, foleys, special effects and abstract sequences; with a small serving of intrument sounds to round out the collection. These patches are paritularly well-suited to film and game scorers as well as producers of IDM/Braindance, Ambient, Avant-Garde, Glitch, Minimal Techno and Future Garage. Please note that Madrona Labs Aalto is required to use these sounds.
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Forbidden Experiments..................$6.95

'Forbidden Experiments' is a collection of 65 exciting presets for Madrona Labs Aalto, containing a balanced mix of the chaotic machines, sequences and sound effects Aalto excels at, with unique basses, leads, pads and synths that show Aalto's tamer side. Each patch has, at the very least, the modwheel assigned for additional expression.

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