About Us

Xenos Soundworks provides professional quality patch banks for users of VST synths and factory preset design services for software synthesizer developers.   A very broad range of musical styles and tastes are covered here:  Vintage synth sounds, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Hip Hop, Ambient, IDM, Industrial, Electro, Techno and Trance. 


Please send all comments or questions to Xenos77@frontier.com.


My name is Bryan Lee and I have programmed synthesizers and samplers for over 20 years as a hobbyist before starting out as a professional in 2007 when I signed on with Pro-Sounds on a freelance, contract basis. Through Pro-Sounds, I published 5 preset soundbanks for various software synthesizers.  From there, I began to get involved in factory preset design for a rapidly growing list of software synthesizer developers.  Below is a partial list of clients and the projects I have done for them:

My current "day" job:

In-house sound design for another soundware label, though I'm not allowed to publicly disclose the name. I've worked with them since 2015 and gained considerable experience in working with genres I don't typically release for under the Xenos label, such as future bass, house, trap, reggaeton, etc.

Z3ta 2 factory preset design.

Camel Audio
Alchemy factory preset design, plus presets for most Alchemy expansions.

Factory preset design for Timeless 2.0

A small number of factory presets for DCAM Synth Squad

Humanoid Sound Systems
Factory preset design for Scanned Synth Pro 2.0 and Enzyme.

Created the "Soundset-01" expansion for their SIDizer synthesizer.  Available here.

Preset design for PoiZone, Sawer, Sakura, Harmless, Drumaxx, Toxic Biohazard, Hardcore and more.

Commissioned to create a small soundset for KarmaFX Modular.

KV331 Audio
Factory preset design for SynthMaster 2.0.

Native Instruments

I did all the included Massive presets for the new Helios Ray Maschine expansion, plus contributed to several others, as well as Massive-X factory presets and expansions.

Additional presets for their Modelonia synthesizer.

I did most of the factory presets for their ChipSounds synthesizer, plus contributed factory patches for their other synths.

The "Toxicity" expansion for Vanguard.
The "Bryan Lee Signature" expansion for QuadraSID. 

Rob Papen
Factory preset design for their Punch virtual drum machine.  I also did thier "Xenos" soundset for Predator, available as a separate purchase here.

Sanford Sound Design
Commissioned to create a bank of 128 for their Cobalt synthesizer.  Cobalt has now been discontinued.

Sugar Bytes
Additional preset design for Unique.

Togu Audio Line
I created about 80 of the factory presets for Elek7ro.

Factory preset design for all their synths, plus a few expansions.

Factory preset design for most of their synths, plus their Twangstrom spring reverb effect.

The "Tesseract" expansion for Wusikstation, plus "Xenos Soundworks Vol. 1."