Samples and Loops

Chiptune Drums and FX

'Chiptune Drums and FX' contains 280 drum, percussion and FX one-shot samples in WAV format, all with the authentic character of retro videogames.  We've covered the quirky sounds of the 8-bit era, the dirty FM sounds of early 90s 16-bit home and arcade systems, and a small number of crunchy, lo-fi samples. 'Chiptune Drums and FX' is 100% royalty-free and fully legal to use, synthesized and recorded entirely from scratch.  Total file size: 33 MB.

What's Inside?

  • 10 Claps
  •  5 Cymbals
  • 24 FX Hits
  • 10 Hi-Hats
  • 55 Kickdrums
  • 11 Melodic Hits
  • 34 Percussion
  • 56 Snares
  • 62 Sound FX
  • 12 Toms

8-Bit Drums and FX.....FREE with any purchase

'8-Bit Drums and FX' contains 75 quality one-shot samples in 32-bit WAV format, modeled after old videogame soundchips. This pack is neatly organized into subfolders: Claps, FX, Hats/Cymbols, Hits, Kicks, Percs, Snares and Toms.

Listen to a short MP3 Demo

Hard Techno Hellfire

'Hard Techno Hellfire' explores the darker sides of Techno music and provides you with all the raw materials needed to create full tracks. Both melodic and percussive one-shots as well as multi-sample are included, making this an all in one solution for dark techno production.  Within this pack you'll find readily available leads, basses, pads, and chord stabs. A collection of original drum one-shots, covering Kickdrums, Snares, Claps, Hats and FX Hits is also included. 'Hard Techno Hellfire' also comes with a collection of special ACIDized percussion and FX loops, perfect for a wide variety of techno subgenres from minimal to schranz. Total file size: 301 MB.

Demo 1        Demo 2