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Trance World by Culture Electronic.............$13.00

Trance World presents you with 128 original and high quality presets for reFX's Vanguard synth plugin, including arpeggios, basses, leads, gates, pads and FX. This patch library also includes a free mini bank, giving you 30 additional presets, for a grand total of 158 sounds!

This soundset was created by sound designer Aluisio Aparecido de Lima (a.k.a. "Culture Electronic").

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Quantum Consiousness....Free with any purchase!

Quantum Consiousness contains 140 sounds for a wide variety of musical genres - Techno, DnB, Industrial, Ambient, Big Beat, etc.  This soundset is a former Pro-Sounds release created back in 2006.  I have made some slight improvements and re-released it under the Xenos Soundworks brand.

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The Pop Collection......................SALE! $5.95

Contains 143 professionally designed Vanguard presets for Pop, Electro House, Hip Hop and Breakbeat producers.  The emphasis has been put on "pure" sounds -- mainly Leads and Basses (over 40 in each of those categories).  Rounding out the bank are the other categories -- Keys, Synth, Pads, FX, and lastly a token serving of Arps and Gates.

** The Pop Collection was formerly called "No Trance", but since people have also used it in Dance type productions, I've changed the name to something that more accurately reflects the set's character. **

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