Xfer Serum Presets

Totally Rad Retrowave............................$12.95

"Totally Rad Retrowave" contains 65 presets for Serum, with custom wavetables and "noise" samples also included.  Take a trip back to the late 80's with this exhilarating collection of oldschool digital sounds and analog textures, which is tailor made for Synthwave, Outrun and other retro-influenced tracks.  Inspiration was taken from a wide range of vintage hardware, including early wavetable and digital waveform synths, FM synths, old "ROM-plers", as well as the classic analog synths that defined the era.

Every patch in this library has modwheel, velocity and Macro Controls assigned for maximum playability and expression.

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Patch List

AT Creepy Atmos Pad

BA Analog Bass 1

BA Analog Bass 2

BA Analog Bass 3

BA Analog Bass 4

BA Analog Bass 5

BA Analog Bass 6

BA Fatty Buzz

BA FM Bass 1

BA FM Bass 2

BA WT Bass 1

BA WT Bass 2

BA WT Bass 3

BL Ana Bell

BL Chill Bells

BL FM Bells

BL Jakarta

BL Soft FM Mallets

BR Blissful Brass

BR Sharp Brass

FX Chiptune Riser

FX LFO Riser

HT Chip Chords

HT Iron Hits

KB Chill E Piano

KB Digital Polysynth

KB Plastic Organ

KB Sweet Elec Piano

KB Synthwave Organ

KB Toy Sampler Piano

KB Warpfruit

LD Blistering Sync

LD Cuts Through

LD Moogy Solo

LD Poly Lead 1

LD Poly Lead 2

LD Poly Lead 3

LD Poly Lead 4

LD Poly Tri

LD Solo 5ths

LD Sweet Squares

LD Wavetable PWM

PD Blue Dream

PD BP Sweep

PD Bright Sweep

PD Chiff Pad

PD Chillscape

PD Classic Warmth

PD Darksynth

PD Dystopia

PD Eerie Calm


PD Nostalgic Strings

PD Planet D

PD PPG-ish Pad

PD Uptempo Classic

PD Vintage Voices

PL Arp Food

PL Chillwave

PL Classic Poly

PL Dynamic Bandpass

PL FM Plucksynth

PL Retrowave

PL Rezzy Punch

PL Short N Punchy