Native Instruments Massive

Minimalist Textures..............SALE! $5.95

Minimalism DONE RIGHT! Sometimes you want something with a light character in your tracks, but you still don't want to sound like everyone else. 

Do not be fooled by the "Minimalist" title. Minimalism is all about the subtleties and a sublime state of mind. There is typically more going on underneath the surface than what is immediately apparent.

Rather than focus on a specific genre, "Minimalist Textures" is about a certain "feel" - lightweight, airy, basic, sometimes lo-fi or digital, yet truly ORIGINAL. Each patch fuses together different elements from a wide variety of musical styles - IDM, Minimal Techno, Deep House, Lo-fi/Glitch, Hip Hop, etc, - and spits out a unique result.

- 50 sounds.

- Both KSD and NMSV formats included.

- All 8 Macros are assigned to each patch, for maximized expression.

- Creative velocity assignments, for dynamic, expressive, live playing in real time.

- Attribute info entered under the "Attributes" tab, for easy browsing.

Listen to MP3 Demo (by Julian Earle)              Read Patch List

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Horror and Sci-Fi Bundle....SALE! $20.95

Contains a whopping 242 presets, each of them with  all 8 Maco Controls assigned and dynamic velocity assignments for maximum playability. Works great for movie and game audio, as well as for setting a dark backdrop to your ambient, dubstep and deep house tracks.  This collection contains all the following soundsets, bundled together for a discounted rate:

Fear and Horror    (scroll down on this page to find it)
Fear and Horror Volume 2
Apocalyptic Visions
Extraterrestrial Origins
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Please note that this bundled collection is in NMSV format only.

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Legacy Dubs and Breaks...FREE with any purchase!

This is a collection of 100 presets for N.I. Massive, which is now offered as a choice among the free bonus sets we offer after ANY purchase.  A wide assortment of different subs, basses and synth sounds were selected from the discontinued 'Damnation', 'Futurist' and 'Hellraiser' Dubstep/DnB sets. This free bonus bank also contains useful material for abstract and forward-thinking hip hop, trap, techno, etc.  Macro controls are assigned on every patch for additional variety and expression (most with all 8 filled). For example, a wobble bass can easily be morphed into something more suited to a techno track.

* Please note that these sounds are in nmsv format only.

* Also note that, while purchases are delivered instantly, the bonus packs are still delivered "manually". Simply contact me after a purchase is made, and let me know which bonus set to send you.

70s and 80s Synths Volume 2.......SALE! $5.95

 '70s and 80s Synths Volume 2' is a collection of 64 vintage style sounds for Massive, by one of Native
Instruments' own sound designers. Great care was taken to provide a "warmer" side to Massive with subtle extra
programming, offsetting the synth's naturally sharp character. All 8 Macros are intelligently assigned to each
patch for maximum variation and expression. Please note that these presets are in NMSV format only.

Demo 1

Demo 2

Demo 3  (YouTube video.  Opens in new window.)

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Straight Up Hip Hop Volume 2........SALE! $5.95

'Straight Up Hip Hop Volume 2'contains 64 fresh and current sounds for your Hip Hop, R'n'B and Trap productions, from one of Native Instruments' sound designers. This collection is inspired by today's popular radio hits. These thick basses, phat leads and other powerful sounds are ready to add that special spice to your next track. All 8 Macros have been intelligently assigned to each patch for maximum variability and expression. Please note that this set is in NMSV format only.

MP3 Demo (by MG TheFuture)              Read Patch List

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70s and 80s Synths..........................SALE! $5.95

'70s and 80s Synths' contains 64 retro-styled presets for Native Instruments Massive, invoking fond memories of that bygone era. All 8 Macros are intelligently assigned to each patch for maximum variation and expression. Please note that these patches are in NMSV format only.

Video Demo (audio by Daniel Barlin)                Read Patch List

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Fear and Horror.............................SALE! $5.95

'Fear and Horror' contains 50 disturbing and frightful pads, atmospheres, sound effects, bells and other sounds for N.I. Massive, which are guaranteed to add that macabre touch to your tracks.  All 8 Macros are assigned to each patch for maximum expression.  Please note: This set is in the new NMSV format only.

MP3 Demo 1            MP3 Demo 2            MP3 Demo 3           MP3 Demo 4            Read Patch List

Please check out 'Fear and Horror Volume 2' here.

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Computer Science........................SALE! $6.95

'Computer Science' continues where the popular 'Videogame Mania' left off, with 66 chiptune patches inspired by classic sounds from such game systems as the Commodore 64, Amiga, Spectrum ZX and Nintendo Entertainment System. All 8 Macro Controls have been intelligently assigned to each Patch. Please note: The soundset is in NMSV format only.

Main Demo             'Dubby' Demo (by Bryan Lee)          Read Patch List

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Funkedelics.....................................SALE! $5.95

 'Funkedelics' contains 65 deliciously organic and ultra funky patches for Hip Hop, Funk, Trip Hop and other downtempo musical styles.  Each patch has all 8 Macro Controls assigned.  Please note that this set is in NMSV format only.

Sound Effects............11

Listen to MP3 Demo                 Read Patch List           

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Straight Up Hip Hop........................SALE! $5.95

"Straight Up Hip Hop" contains 64 fresh and powerful patches for your Hip Hop, Dirty South and R'n'B productions. This soundset ships in both KSD and NMSV formats.

Listen to MP3 Demo               Read Patch List

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Tweaked Out Techno......................SALE! $5.95

Tweaked Out Techno contains 50 extremely powerful presets for Native Instruments Massive, targeting electro house/complextro, tech-house and minimal techno, taking inspiration from such artists as Dirtyloud, Spencer & Hill, Porter Robinson and more.  Each patch in the soundset uses the Macro Controls, the vast majority of them using all 8 for maximum tweakability and expression.  The soundset ships in a zip file containing both KSD and the new NMSV format.

Listen to MP3 Demo            Read Patch List

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"This is without doubt one of (if not the) best purchases I have ever made.   Absolutely fantastic sounds.  I have paid 10 times the price of this before for sounds that are nowhere near as good as these!"

Commentary by KVRaudio Member "Simonden," about Damnation Dubstep and DnB for NI Massive.