1. We do not sell VST plugins - only expansion soundsets for plugins the user already owns.

2. Preset banks DO NOT work in any other synth than what it is advertized for.  For example, a Massive bank will not open in Sylenth.  The user needs to have the synth plugin the bank is for, otherwise it will not work.

3. Please consider the above carefully before hitting the "Buy" button.  We have been getting a lot of "mistakes" like this and will no longer be offering refunds as a result.

News and Newest Releases

A note about the prices: 

Going forward, all new Xenos Soundworks products will be on a higher pricing bracket, though I am currently considering my options in still maintaining that reputation for offering "bang for the buck" among my customers. I have been opposed to raising my prices for a long time, as I personally do not believe higher price means better quality.  I've been lured in by hype and burned enough times, yet surprised enough times by simpler vendors. That said, I feel my low prices run the risk of being seen as budget quality.  I need to be able to budget for better cover art, audio demos, etc, so that people unfamiliar with my work will have a better first impression of what the buyer actually gets.

On the plus side for the buyers, my skill as a sound designer has absolutely improved over the years. As with any art form, we never stop learning, so I will continue to further hone my skills and discover new artistic inspirations in my future sonic explorations as well.  My goal is to make each year's products better than the last.  This is why I often go back and rework old products, then give the update free to everyone that purchased it.  It not only rewards customer loyalty, but offers me a chance to empirically see which improvements I've made to my work since that product's release.  Since I have to raise my prices, I will go the extra mile in providing the absolute best new products I can for the user.  I can say with confidence that my more recent work is, at the very least, on par with the higher-priced soundware vendors.  I know for certain that my work has been used in a few Chris Brown tracks, most notably, "Loyal", and my hope is that other producers of popular tracks might come forward in the future.

Extraterrestrial Origins for N.I. Massive received a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.  Check out SoundsAndGear's review of it here. also did a detailed review of our "Straight Up Hip Hop" set, where it earned 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Your choice of 1 soundset below is offered free with the purchase of any Xenos Soundworks product:

- Vanguard - Quantum Consiousness (140 sounds)
- Sylenth - Eclectic Dance (50 sounds)
- Firebird - Pyromania (128 sounds)
- Predator - Hydrospheric Trance (40 sounds)
- Cobalt - Hip Hop Collection (101 sounds)
- Predator - Vintage Sounds (32 sounds)
- VAZ Plus - Oscillator Orange (50 sounds)

Simply reply to your product delivery email and let me know which one you would like me to send you.