U-He A.C.E.

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"Signatures," our first soundset for U-he ACE, is comprised of 35 highly useful and musical patches which span the gamut of musical genres, from Old School Electronica and Hip Hop to House and Drum and Bass.

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Patch List 

BA Ace Of Bace
BA Bit Of Shine
BA Darkside Reese
BA Dubstep Bass
BA Funky Attack
BA Little Phatty
BA Orange Bass
BA Parellel Lines
BA Plastic
BA Rawrgh!
BA Swell Square
BA Timeless Hip Hop
FX Chaos Lasers
LD Beautiful Pulse
LD Circuit Bent Modular
LD Classic Hip Hop
LD Classic Rave Stabs
LD Corrosive Sync
LD Dancey
LD Dusty Oscillator
LD FM Lead
LD Hard Buzzer
LD Psytrance
LD SID Chip 5ths
LD Sylophone On Steroids
LD Techwave
PD Apocalypse
PD Custard Pad
PD Ghostly Mists
PD String Machine
SY Antarctican Ruins
SY DX Polysynth
SY PolyChips
SY Sweet Bells
TG ACE Does Trancegates!