Lennar Digital Sylenth

"Un-Tranced" 4-In-1........................$16.95

Contains Hydroponic Dubstep/DnB, Roid Rage Dubstep, Urban Flavors and Dark Energy soundsets combined into a single fxb bank file for a total of 215 sounds!. 

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Hydroponic Dubstep and DnB..........$4.20

'Hydroponic Dubstep and Dnb' contains 50 orgainically grown patches for Lennar Digital Sylenth1, bred for the highest sonic THC content and guaranteed to leave your listeners with a powerful, long lasting buzz. Better have plenty of chips and cookies ready for your fans before the munchies set in :).  Also included with this set are 4 water pipe samples in 24-bit WAV format.

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Electro Tools by Torben Hansen.......$19.95

Containing 128 patches, Electro Tools is the latest soundset from Torben Hansen created for the magnificent Sylenth1 synthesizer by LennarDigital. The soundset was created over a period of 2 years and is aimed at a variety of electronic genres, but creators of Dub Techno and Deep House will find this soundset particularly useful in their music. The vast majority of the sounds are programmed to make use of mainly the modulation wheel, but also aftertouch is used in several patches for optimal playability. Fans of chip-tunes will also find some really usefull arpeggios, basses, plucks and leads. Techno-fans will find chord-stabs (major and minor versions usually) and some great arpeggio-sequences that'll work directly in your tracks.

MP3 Demo 1 (Dub Techno)

Roid Rage Dubstep......................$5.25

Juice up your Sylenth with this batch of sonic steroids guaranteed to add some serious muscle to your basslines!  We've stretched Sylenth to its limits to bring you 'Roid Rage Dubstep', a collection of 50 dubstep sounds, including 32 basses and 18 sounds in other categories.

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Eclectic Dance..................FREE with any purchase.

"Eclectic Dance" contains 50 presets for a wide variety of dance music subgenres such as trance, electro and minimal house, tech-house, techno, hardstyle, hardcore, etc.  To receive this set, simply reply to your product delivery email.

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Dark Energy...................................$6.95

"Dark Energy" contains 64 dark, moody and edgy sounds perfect for the production of such genres as ambient/filmscore, IDM, dark dub/dubstep, drum 'n' bass, industrial and other non-trance/techo musical styles.

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Urban Flavors...................................$4.20

The long-awaited "un-tranced" soundset for Sylenth, Urban Flavors offers a collection of sounds for Sylenth users looking for something different among the endless sea of trance banks, and instead offers fresh material for producers of Hip Hop, R'n'B, Trip Hop, Electro Pop, Reggaeton, Big Beat, Crunk and Dirty South. Urban Flavors contains 51 sounds and ships in FXB and FXP format.

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Essential Dance Collection v2.0....$6.95

Essential Dance Collection v2.0 gives you 64 high quality dance leads, basses and more at your fingertips, ready to use in your dance/trance, house and electro tracks. Modwheel and aftertouch performance programming has been added for extra playability.

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